NuSkin TR90 Review

TR90 Review for ageLOC (NuSkin) new Weight Management system

Dr Annette Hudson BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD – former European director and vice president of sports nutrition for Weider, consultant to the British Olympic Association, member of the British Association of Sports Science, the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) & The Health Food Manufacturer’s Association (HFMA) answers the question …

TR90 – What’s all the fuss about?

The TR90 program is UNIQUE because … it’s NOT about losing weight! What do supermodels and fitness professionals weigh? Who cares? It’s what they LOOK LIKE that matters, their ‘composition’ – their SHAPE.

So understand this: The TR90 program is NOT about Weight Loss!

“Weight loss” diets and programs work by restricting calories (this is called subsistence – providing the body with the mere essentials for survival and usually less vitamins and minerals than required). If the stated goal is only to ‘lose weight’ the plan has succeeded if that weight loss is not from fat but from loss of water and / or muscle.

The human body is between 50 and 75% water, much of which is stored in the muscles. Carbohydrates are converted to glycogen which is stored in the muscles (Glycogen is muscle contraction fuel). For every 1g glycogen stored, the body stores 2.8g of water. That’s how the water gets into the muscle! So without carbs the body can’t store water as your muscles burn their glycogen all day. Low carbs = no glycogen replacement = no stored water = weight loss. Start eating carbs again = weight gain from water storage. On a low fat subsistence diet the body uses muscle for fuel as it thinks there is a crisis! Solution: calories from quality protein!

The scientists behind TR90 have recognized that protein is the key and not just any protein but quality protein.

Proteins are all made of strings of amino acids (aa) – essential amino acids (eaa) are those which the body is unable to make and therefore must come from the diet, compared with non-essential amino acids (naa) which the body makes itself. The aa’s link in different orders and in different permutations to produce different proteins (just like letters in the alphabet produce different words).

Poor quality proteins such as calcium caseinate (basically dried milk powder) which tend to form the basis of many traditional ‘weight loss supplements’ are limited in their amino acid content. Whey protein isolate, the basis of the TR90 Trimshake, provides the full spectrum of amino acids.

Whey protein isolate is a super concentrate of all the best elements

Amino acids are the ‘building blocks’ of protein and protein forms the basis of muscle.

Why is muscle so important?

Muscle is quite simply, the engine that burns the food/calories we eat. The last thing we want is to be running an ever shrinking engine as we lose muscle. The bigger the engine, the more fuel it uses (Pro bodybuilders, with those massive engines, achieve single digit body fat levels whilst still consuming thousands of calories … mostly from protein!)

So, if we go on a typical weight loss diet and lose muscle we actually reduce our ability to reduce our weight further – this is why people hit a ‘plateau’. By adopting the TR90 system, muscle is maintained or even increased thereby increasing the potential for burning / using energy / calories.

By providing the body with all the appropriate amino acids through quality protein, TR90 is protecting (and even developing) muscle mass, potentially increasing the body’s ability to use energy provided by carbohydrates and fats.

Apart from this there is an added advantage of consuming quality protein: all proteins because of their complex molecular structure are relatively hard to metabolize as a result there is a prolonged feeling of satiety i.e. you feel fuller for longer and are less likely to snack – your dietary intake is more controlled.

Also by continuing to maintain muscle there is less likelihood of experiencing the yoyo effect – you’ve already upgraded the engine capacity!

Why are the other products in the TR90 system important?

TR90 is not a single standalone meal replacement product, it is a scientifically developed program in which the various elements are intrinsically linked – they work synergistically i.e. each enhances the effect of the other and together they maximize the body’s potential for energy management.

Let’s take a quick look at other parts of the program …


When we sleep our metabolic rate (MR – the rate at which we consume calories/energy) declines to its lowest point, called the basal metabolic rate (BMR). When we get up in the morning our body is using the least amount of energy. We need to put the jump leads on the battery to get the engine going. This is the role of JUMPSTART, which contains natural ingredients, natural stimulants to help boost metabolism – so from the get go your body has an advantage – it is already getting warmed up to use any food being consumed. Getting the metabolism ‘spinning’ early in the day is key!


Whilst JUMPSTART boosts the metabolism, MR. FIT includes nutrients which are natural fat metabolizers (catechins) – these help to breakdown fat molecules so that the body can more easily use them.


Now we have the MR boosted & fat breakdown addressed, we need something to help make us recognize that we are ‘not hungry’ – this is what CONTROL does.


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TR90 Weight Loss Management System

TR90 Weight Loss Management System